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This page is for Rubenerd's vintage PC compatibles.

Commodore computers, and Apple machines are on their own pages.

Ami, the Pentium MMX tower (1998)

This was the first computer I built as a kid, using winnings from a writing contest if you can believe it.

Named for my anime crush at the time, Mizuno Ami from Sailor Moon (aka: Mercury)!

Power supply

Connector Connection Notes
ATX 20-pin Motherboard Via AT-ATX adaptor to power switch
ATX 4-pin Motherboard Via AT-ATX adaptor to power switch
Molex 1 Creative Infra48 CD-ROM
Molex 2 Iomega Internal Zip 100 SCSI
Molex 3 Dual CF to IDE adaptor (Molex to FDD adaptor)
FDD 1 Mitsubishi 3.5 floppy drive


Part Model Serial Notes
Motherboard Octek Rhino 12+
Chipset VIA
CPU Pentium MMX 200 MHz
5.25 Floppy Panasonic

Compaq Contura Aero 4/25 (1994)

My dad briefly had one of these at work that he gave to me, but they insisted on taking it back so they could... take to e-waste! Bought a similar machine off eBay many years later.


8 MiB RAM upgrade


Part Model Notes
CPU Intel i486SX-S, 25 MHz
Screen Passive matrix 16-grays VGA, 640x480 Ghosty! But part of its charm :)
VGA Output Colour with external screen
Mouse Built-in trackball Surprisingly responsive

HP Brio BA600 (1999)

This was my second PC from my childhood. My old man bought it for me during COMDEX 1999 in Singapore, but it was lost in a house move ;w;. In 2023 Ruben found the exact machine on eBay in Australia.

Power supply

Connector Connection Notes
ATX 20-pin Motherboard
ATX 4-pin
Molex 1 TEAC 5.25 floppy drive
Molex 2 HP CD Writer Plus 9100
SATA 1 3.5 floppy drive Via SATA → FDD adaptor
SATA 2 Dual CF to IDE adaptor
Arctic F8 intake fan
Via combined SATA → FDD & Molex adaptor


Part Model Serial HP Part № Notes
Motherboard A43B-343194 Rev 3B 8630DK7413948 D7600-60005
BIOS Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG HW.27.09(QHW.09.05)
CPU Intel Pentium III 550 MHz
FDD A TEAC FD-55GFR 5.25 floppy drive TT H320514 (n/a) P/N 19307351-93
FDD B (3.5 floppy drive) (TBD) (TBD)
IDE 0 Primary Transcend CF 8GB Ultra Industrial (n/a) Via CF-IDE adaptor
IDE 0 Secondary
IDE 1 Primary LG GSA-H42N DVD Writer (n/a)
IDE 1 Secondary
PCI1 SMC EN5030B 10BaseT NIC ACC000225739 5064-9746 "Realtek RTL8139(a)-based PCI Fast Ethernet"
PCI3 Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 PCI SV202203020011 (n/a) 256 MB DDR

Toshiba Libretto 70CT

(To be added).